Faith & Fear in Hinduism

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Any religion driven by religious books & leader. I have seen how religious leader modify the actual dharma for there own benefits and sake. Well let me clarify not all leaders are like that but there are some in all religion whose entire motto is there own service. I am born Hindu so I start with it, why Hinduism is so weak to trust in anything they see, start following any spiritual leader without knowing does it worth following? Well what makes us to do so, it is a fear in our mind and we are afraid of failure, afraid of loosing something, afraid that no one is there to help us, to guide us to the correct path and getting in touch with so called famed and self styled marketed spiritual leader and follow them will help us in all our future course of action.

Well sometime it feels bad that people on the name of religion, and those spiritual leader are so skilled in handling emotion of that it seems we just reached the right person and all my sorrow we will gone with his/her blessings and I would be most happiest man in the world. Well I have seen many mad follower who can’t see the truth, who never question their spiritual guru and follow them as they have found a god. It’s out blind faith that make these spiritual leader god or closer to god.


These skilled normal person even if they know very little about about any holy book, have expertise in handling situation and how to make money out of there follower. How to make there name famous, how to make people fight for them and make there life more like a celebrity, more like any one.

Well the things can never be generalized, even if we have truly sensed guru and leader but we lack the zeal to find them, and they lack the zeal to market them because the real sense of those guru is seva bhaw and kalyan to the society and it’s people and even if they have deposits that also being used for Kalyan bhaw.

August 8, 2015